Chef Kitchen Supervisor

King House Retreat & Renewal Center
700 North 66th Street
Belleville, IL 62223


Kings House Retreat & Renewal Center is seeking applicants for a full-time Chef/Kitchen Supervisor.

POSITION: Chef Kitchen Supervisor

LOCATION: Belleville, IL


This individual is responsible for preparation and service of all meals to the guest of  Kings House. Will serve as kitchen supervisor and will oversee the Food Service Assistants in their  performance and responsibilities. This individual ensures the preparation of dining areas, preparation and serving of food, attention to guest needs during meals, clean-up, sanitation, and safety procedures. This individual is also responsible for the set-up, monitoring, replenishment, and clean-up of snack areas and socials in other parts of the facility. Individual must project a strong sense of Christian hospitality ensuring the needs of our guest is always met.

This individual must have the ability to maintain composure under stress, demonstrate good problem-solving skills while also being open minded to the opinions of others. Must have a strong sense of Christian Hospitality towards all guest and coworkers. Posses the ability to continually learn and provide support to the Food Service Assistants.

Education and/or Experience

  • High school education or equivalency preferred, prior culinary training and experience necessary
  • Skillset and aptitude to oversee employees in food service preparation, hospitality, serving of food, and clean-up procedures.
  • Must have State Sanitation Certification.
  • Must be familiar with proper sanitation procedures and be able to instruct assistants in sanitary procedures.
  • Must be familiar with proper use of kitchen equipment and be able to instruct assistants in the safe use of equipment.
  • Displays courtesy and tact in communications with guests and co-workers.
  • Must be adaptable to varied work assignment; willing to be reassigned to different tasks as needed.
  • Must be able to be flexible to different work schedules.

Physical Demands

  • Requires extended periods of standing, walking, bending and stooping.
  • Pushing and pulling carts, lifting pots, pans, and boxes as required.
  • Exposed to hot and cold temperatures in kitchen and storage areas.

Interested candidates should email resume and salary requirement to
Diann Donjon at